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Mihai Baciu is a soft skills trainer with 16 years of experience. Together with his wife,he has recently completed the 500km trip, El Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage route littered with legends, spirituality, astonishing views and perplexity. Throughout those 16 days, Mihai travelled about 34 kilometers a day, guided by the famous scallop shells – symbols of the route – signifying that all roads converge to one single point of self-awareness at the end of the journey.

He has successfully accomplished his mission and demonstrated that people can be the best role models for people.

Trainart: What do you think pilgrimage represents today in the contemporary world?

M.B: I think it is very different that what pilgrimage used to be years ago, there’s no doubt about that. I am referring to the fact that the pilgrims are not the same anymore and their goals are also different. Their activity is no longer connected to religion.

Trainart: Where did this impressive success come from? For some people it may seem some sort of fairytale.

M.B.: My wife came up with the idea. Three years ago she heard about the route and she said she would like us to go on that trip. Initially I didn’t understand what it was really about and I said ”Sure, I’m in! Why not?”. I’m always up for something …out of the ordinary. I even bought flight tickets but, due to some work issues, we had to cancel 4 months before the trip, so we put the project on the back burner. This year we said it was a good time to get things started again. We bought the tickets and everything just fell into place. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, we only realized that after the first three days. So, this is how it all started; it was her idea which I took and made it happen. That’s how it usually happens: somebody comes up with something and I like to implement it.

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