Sales Skills

For those who want to understand the logic behind the selling steps and how to win their customers through their unique way of being, without artificial speeches.
In the training, we address topics such as:
-the basic steps necessary for a sales process;
-effective methods of presenting services / products;
-effective sales communication

Motivation & Self-Motivation

The better we understand the functioning mechanisms of personal motivation, the more we discover and potentiate the inner force that generates results.
General training topics:
-the role of values in decision making;
-motivational theories;
-decreasing the demotivating factors.

Conflict Management

Conflict is not just about who wins and who loses. It is more about the power of empathy, understanding other people and other perspectives on the problem.
From the training:
-prevention of conflict situations;
-aggressiveness vs. assertiveness;
-mediation of conflict situations;
-management of stress as a conflict factor.

Negotiation Skills

The difference between manipulation and persuasion is not so small. In negotiation, we are talking more about the levers that lead to "win-win" results.
The key elements of this training are:
-the necessary steps for a negotiation process;
-types of negotiation and negotiators;
-persuasion techniques.

Change Management

Among the biggest certainties of life is that change happens. It is inherent. It is a data of evolution. We can choose to resist or better understand what is happening, in order to adapt faster and in turn generate processes of change.
In training, we are debating about:
-emotional reactions to change;
- the change curve;
-adaptation to change;
-generating change;
-proactive vs. reactive.

Training of Trainers

Being a good trainer is not a genetic fact. It involves first passion, then a lot of work and experience over time. If you want to enter the wonderful world of non-formal education as a facilitator of knowledge processes, here are the topics tackled in the training:
-the staged process for conducting a training;
-methods and tools used in training;
-developing materials necessary for the training;
-feedback and follow-up

Presentation Skills

For those who want to make memorable presentations by enhancing their own style and learning effective techniques for delivering a strong message.
In the training, we address topics such as:
-basic ingredients for a successful presentation;
-positioning in the hall from the point of view of communication
-managing questions from the audience.

Time Management

Aimed at those who want to save time by simple methods and adapted to personal style. We identify and develop together the path to efficiency.
In the training, we address topics such as:
- planning;
- prioritization;
- methods of organization;
- delegation.

Communication Skills

If someone does not understand us, it is our 80% responsibility to find the right ways to convey the message. The remaining 20% refers to the existence of the other's willingness to listen to us. Effective communication can also be seen logically, in terms of the processes behind healthy relationships. For a new world, full of meaning, we are talking about:
-types of communication;
-barriers in communication;
-assertiveness and empathy;
-constructive feedback;
-efficient listening.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity is not just for artists. It can become accessible as long as there is motivation and work. The simplest and most eloquent definition is Creativity = 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.
In the training, we explore as many creativity techniques as possible, both individually and as a team, on real and existing problems for each participant or team.

Team Development

When we talk about the team, 1 + 1 is rarely equal to 2. It can mean much more or even less. For those who want more than a team building and are interested in the ways in which high-performance teams’ work, we talk about:
-stages of team development;
-the ingredients of efficient teams;
-feedback as a growth tool;
-types of leaders and teams